In Pretreatment Strategies attendees will look at the types of programs that will be of benefit to their system. 

Program discussion of FOG (Fats, Oils, and Grease), H2S Mitigation and other contaminants, including sanitary wipes and industrial users (IU or SIU) are examined. 

In Pre-Treatment Strategies, professionals will learn the importance of managing for pre-treatment to optimize the efficiency of collections and plant operations.  

During this presentation the potential effects of Cannabis growers and manufacturers on your system will be discussed.  Specific protocols and programs are covered that may be utilized to help improve FOG, Odors, Corrosion and the damaging impact of contaminants.  

Pretreatment Coordinators, Collection system and wastewater system professionals will benefit by learning key strategies to improve pretreatment and collection system management. 

Programs and protocols along with emerging issues are included in the discussion of how systems around the country are improving their wastewater programs by incorporating pre-treatment and collection system management strategies.


This class is best paired with Mitigating Contaminants, Managing Your FOG Producers, What’s That Smell H2S Management, Re-thinking Treatment Options.


2 Hours


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June 17, 2020

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